NFL Draft Preparation

Year after year college quarterbacks making the jump from the collegiate game to the National Football League are drastically underprepared for what they will be facing in the NFL. There are very few quarterbacks whose college offenses relate at all to the professional game. Making sure that you are prepared for the draft process is Coach Tim Jenkins and his staff's number 1 priority. Coach Jenkins himself went through the process and now he wants to help prepare college quarterbacks to make the jump and help accelerate the learning of a National Football League offense. Coach Tim Jenkins designed a one of a kind NFL QB curriculum that cannot be duplicated anywhere else. It features everything a college quarterback training for the NFL will need to understand to be successful. Join JenkinsQB Draft Academy today and watch your stock soar tomorrow.

NFL QB Curriculum
NFL Footwork
Proper Passing Biomechanics
Pro Day Development
Combine Test Prep
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NFL QB Curriculum - Coach Tim Jenkins had developed a one of a kind quarterback curriculum that can help speed up the mental transition from college to the National Football League for quarterbacks. His curriculum was developed based on his time in the NFL and the relationships he built with players and coaches. His curriculum features over 459 separate concepts ranging from offensive formations, situations, protections, run action pass, play-action pass, defensive fronts, coverages, and much more. Do not be let the transition to the NFL be any harder than it already will be. Make sure you are as prepared as possible working through real terminology and an NFL offense.

NFL Footwork - The footwork required to be successful in the NFL is not as simple as the 3 hitch and 5 plant that quarterbacks are used to in college. To be successful in the NFL you have to be ready for all of the classic drop backs as well as the run action, play action, and pocket movement to be successful. One of the hardest transitions for spread quarterbacks is adjusting to the under center game of the National Football League. Do not wait until Rookie Camp to start to master the NFL footwork. Join JenkinsQB Draft Academy and have the footwork down by the time Rookie Minicamp comes around and be ready to simply react and play to your natural ability.

Proper Passing Biomechanics - The proper passing biomechanics are often times the difference between playing for 2 years in professional football and playing for 10 years. Making sure your arm has lasting longevity is key to any professional quarterback’s career. Throwing with the proper biomechanics will help any quarterback’s arm last longer and perform at the highest level. Do not leave anything up to chance. Make sure you have flawless fundamentals before taking your game to the next level.

Pro Day Development - The Pro Day for a quarterback is usually one of the last times NFL teams and player personnel get to see you before draft day. All of the hard work that you put in through the all-star games, combine, and workouts lead up to the Pro Day for a quarterback. While Pro Days often times are run by the college let Coach Jenkins work with your school to set up the perfect on field script to highlight your special skill set. Making sure the Pro Day script features legitimate NFL throws and legitimate NFL concepts is key to making a lasting impression on NFL scouts. 

Combine Test Prep - JenkinsQB has partnered with Elite Speed Sports Performance to handle all of its quarterbacks on field combine test prep. This cutting edge facility has helped produce professional and Olympic athletes and is the best place to help develop quarterbacks physically for the next level. Be sure to check them out by clicking here: ELITE SPEED WEBSITE

Nike Gear Pack - Each JenkinsQB Draft Academy quarterback will receive a Nike JenkinsQB gear pack. Making sure a quarterback looks good and feels good while he takes part in training to achieve the most physically and mentally possible from the quarterback.