High-School QB Training

Coach Tim Jenkins developed his high-school quarterback curriculum and biomechanics checklist with one goal in mind; put his high school quarterbacks in a position to play in college. In the class of 2015 Coach Jenkins helped three of his four quarterbacks obtain college scholarships. In 2016 two of his three senior quarterbacks held scholarship offers before they even played a down their senior high school year. Coach Jenkins not only helps his quarterbacks become better passers but also better people and better leaders. Click below to see all that the high-school quarterback academy has to offer.

Training Types Training Emphasis Training Aids & More
Private 1 on 1 Sessions Proper Throwing Biomechanics Hudl Film Software
Initial Evaluation Footwork & Drops Go Pro Cameras
Quarterback School Posture & Balance College Recruiting 
Small Group Training Rhythm & Timing  Chaos Management

Training Types

Private 1 on 1 Session - Each private 1 on 1 session is 75 minutes with Coach Jenkins. Every quarterback is different and has different needs. The 1 on 1 session gives coach Jenkins a chance to work on the field with each quarterback on what they most need addressed. Each session will be a specially designed workout with drills designed specifically to help that quarterback improve their game. Private training is included with every quarterback in their first month and there is the ability to add on more private training credits with whatever membership level is picked by the family.

Initial Evaluation - The initial evaluation is the first step in developing the quarterbacks in the JenkinsQB program. Each quarterback starts their first month with an initial evaluation where Coach Jenkins and the young passer will spend 60 minutes on the field working through the quarterback’s throwing motion and getting a base level of where the quarterback is. Then Coach Jenkins and the quarterback will spend 60 minutes in the classroom breaking down the tape of the quarterback so the passer can see their reps on film in slow motion evaluating the biomechanics of the release. They will also watch cutups to get a gage of the quarterback’s football acumen.

Quarterback School - Quarterback School is the arena in which Coach Jenkins develops his quarterbacks’ football IQ. The High School QB School utilizes high school and college level tape to help identify presnap coverages and to work through how to attack each coverage. The quarterback will also spend time on the whiteboard working through everything that goes into beating a high school or college level defense.

Small Group Training - Small group training is where the quarterbacks take the field in a small group atmosphere with players of like age and ability level. This is where the quarterbacks learn how to compete, build friendships, and take what they learn at private lessons and put them on display. In a unique atmosphere Coach Jenkins develops these high school passers into phenomenal players and leaders who are not afraid of the bright lights. 

Training Emphasis

Proper Throwing Biomechanics - Arguably the most important part of developing quarterbacks is teaching them the proper throwing biomechanics and breaking any bad habits. Throwing a football with tremendous accuracy and arm strength is by no means as simple as picking up a ball and making it spiral. To get the most out of your quarterback’s natural arm talent you need proper throwing mechanics that have been studied and proven to be the correct way to throw a football. There are many bad habits that can be developed from over compensating with certain muscles so make sure to let Coach Jenkins teach your quarterback the proper mechanics early and reinforce them often.

Footwork and Drops - “Building a quarterback from the ground up.” is a phrase used commonly used in quarterback circles. Not only teaching a quarterback to use his feet to escape the pocket but also teaching the quarterback how to get away from under center is becoming a lost art with shotgun offenses. Coach Jenkins helps teach quarterbacks the proper footwork that will help them in their games on Friday night while also preparing them for college and professional football.

Posture and Balance - Posture and balance are key components to delivering the ball on time and accurately. Most quarterbacks are extremely underdeveloped when it comes to being on balance when they throw and maintaining proper posture. Posture and balance are one of the cornerstones to development at JenkinsQB making sure to prepare the quarterbacks to make throws while maintaining correct posture and coming to balance throughout the motion.

Rhythm and Timing - Rhythm and timing is one of the most critical aspects to completing passes. Whether we are working the primary receiver or making reactionary reset throws we must be accurate from the pocket. Working on all rhythm and timing steps are crucial to our training. Becoming an accurate passer is more than just completing the pass to your primary receiver.  A quarterback has to be just as accurate on their second, third, and fourth progressions as well. 

Training Aids and More

Hudl Film Software - Each JenkinsQB member receives their own Hudl account that gives them access to watch the workouts wherever they are. Simply downloading the Hudl app on any of the quarterback’s devices will give them access to college and NFL cutups shown at QB school and access to watch themselves at workouts. Always having access to the film helps the athletes work at their own pace restudying and re-watching their reps to gain mastery over their craft.

Go Pro Cameras - At JenkinsQB training we utilize Go Pro cameras to find out exactly where our quarterbacks are looking when we are throwing routes. Most quarterbacks struggle with eye location and Go Pro cameras have been our “go to” for solving this issue. Having something that we can upload to watch exactly where the quarterbacks’ eyes go has been a great asset to our training.

College Recruiting - Coach Jenkins understands what it takes to develop a college ready QB in today’s ultra-competitive landscape. In his first recruiting class Coach Jenkins helped 3 of his 4 senior quarterbacks land college scholarships. He also produced a true freshman college starting QB in his first recruiting class. Now in 2016 he has helped 2 of his 3 high school senior quarterbacks obtain college scholarship offers before they ever stepped foot onto the field their senior year. Coach Jenkins will go to bat for your QB and help him find the right place at the next level.

Chaos Management - Chaos management is a concept unique to JenkinsQB training. Chaos management was a term developed by Coach Jenkins as a way of helping his high school quarterbacks understand how to navigate the pocket with defenders around them. JenkinsQB trains chaos management not only in terms of pocket awareness but also when to evacuate the pocket and make plays on the move. It is a unique training experience that only JenkinsQB can offer a quarterback.


JenkinsQB Training Includes QB's From: Colorado | Denver Metro Area | Centennial | Denver | Highlands Ranch | Aurora | Littleton | Englewood | Parker | Lone Tree | Castlerock | Broomfield | Evergreen