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College quarterbacks who are looking for an edge often times utilize their break time to hone in on their skills. Whether you are looking to improve your pre-snap read recognition or your on the field throwing biomechanics JenkinsQB and Coach Tim Jenkins can design a program specifically to fit your needs. If you are not training on your breaks then you are falling behind your competition. Check out all the JenkinsQB Academy college quarterback programs by clicking below.

Spring Break Training
Winter Break Training
Summer Break Training


Spring Break Training - Spring break can be the break in which many college students go home or travel to warm beaches and kick back and relax. If you are a serious college QB and want to play in the professional ranks that is not the case for you. Many times college quarterbacks trade in their spring break vacation to come and train with Coach Tim Jenkins in Denver, Colorado. Utilizing Denver’s thin air the quarterbacks have the potential to return to campus in the best physical and mental shape of their life. Coach Tim Jenkins is an expert in helping quarterbacks understand what defenses are doing to them presnap and helping the quarterback achieve an on time release through footwork and proper throwing biomechanics. It happens all the time throughout college football that when quarterbacks who train on their break come back to campus have the best spring ball of their life and either win jobs or cement themselves into the competition that will unfold during fall camp… don't get left behind.

Winter Break Training - Similar to the spring break training many college football quarterbacks are now trading in their winter breaks after the bowl game or playoffs and choosing to better themselves as quarterbacks and leaders. Once your season is over it is critical that you start the process of getting the body back for the offseason grind. Make sure to utilize Coach Tim Jenkins and the elevation in Denver, Colorado to come back for winter conditioning in the best shape of your life. Working footwork, watching tape, and preparing for next season starts once you take the last snap of the current season. Make sure you are ready to compete by working while others relax.

Summer Break Training - Often times college football teams will give their players a certain amount of off time over the summer. Whether it is a month at the beginning of the summer or weeks spread out throughout the summer do not let all your hard work be for not by resting on your hard work. The summer break training is a perfect time to maintain all the gains you have made in the weight room and on your cardio while upping your game as a quarterback. Take advantage of Coach Tim Jenkins and help yourself come back from time off as the best quarterback you can be and have your confidence at an all-time high by mixing the art of playing quarterback with the science of throwing with the proper biomechanics. Come back from summer break ready to cement yourself as the starter in fall camp.

JenkinsQB College QB Training Includes QB's From: Colorado | South Dakota | Nebraska | North Dakota | Black Hills State | Colorado Mesa University | Kansas