Week 8 JenkinsQB Roundup

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Look below and check out the JenkinsQB week 8 roundup to see how our quarterbacks did throughout the state:

College Roundup

Ryan Hommel – Black Hills State: Ryan had a great game against Chadron State this weekend going 24-44 for 307 yards and a touchdown pass through the air. He also added 99 yards on the ground and a touchdown to bring his total to 406 yards of offense on the day.

Rope Ruel – Colorado Mesa University: Rope is red-shirting this year for the Mavericks and will be ready to compete come this spring.

High School Roundup

Varsity Level

Max Lush (Class of 2016) – Rock Canyon: Max finished the day 3 of 5 passing for 53 yards and a touchdown against Fruita Monument.

Mitch Martin (Class of 2016) – Strasburg: Mitch had a huge night in a tough loss against rival Bennett High School. He finished the day with 220 yards passing and 2 touchdowns through the air. He also added 40 yards rushing and a touchdown on the ground.

Dylan Reifeis (Class of 2016) – Evergreen: Dylan had a very quick night in a huge 50-6 win over Arvada. He finished the day 2 of 3 passing with a touchdown pass and added 70 yards rushing on 3 carries and added a touchdown. He touched the ball 6 times and scored twice in an outstanding game.

Braden Cook (Class of 2017) – Parker Lutheran: Braden did not report this week.

Riley Glynn (Class of 2017) – Mead: Riley had an outstanding game in a huge win for Mead. He finished the day 8 of 12 on his passes for 129 yards and 1 touchdown pass.

Vic Lavigne (Class of 2017) – ThunderRidge: Vic had a big touchdown run in a tough loss to Highlands Ranch High School.

Conner Martin (Class of 2017) – Strasburg: Conner did not report stats this week.

Joseph Alber (Class of 2018) – Highlands Ranch: Joseph lead Highlands Ranch to a big win over ThunderRidge High School.

Sterling Ostdahl (Class of 2018) – Ponderosa: Sterling had a great game this past week in a big 45-0 win over Green Mountain. He finished 9 of 14 passing for 189 yards and two touchdowns. He also added 9 carries for 58 rushing yards and another 2 touchdowns on the ground.

Junior Varsity Level

Connor Desch (Class of 2017) – Arapahoe: Connor did not report stats.

Cade Uhrick (Class of 2018) – Falcon: Cade did not report stats.

Joseph Weigang (Class of 2018) – Heritage: Joseph did not report stats.

Kyle Weston (Class of 2018) – Highlands Ranch: Kyle had a nice game this week finishing with 135 yards passing and a touchdown through the air. He also added 113 rushing yards and two touchdown runs on the ground.

Dylan Hollowell (Class of 2019) – Ponderosa: Dylan had nice game this weekend going 7 of 10 passing for 100 yards and one passing touchdown on the day through the air. He also added 54 yards on the ground and a rushing touchdown.

Joey Licht (Class of 2019) – Kent Denver: Joey had a tremendous game this weekend finished 12 of 15 for 175 yards through the air and 2 passing touchdowns. He also added 20 rushing yards and a rushing touchdown on the day.

Adam Mullen (Class of 2019) – Rock Canyon: Adam did not report stats.

Alex Padilla (Class of 2019) – Cherry Creek: Alex finished 9 of 14 on his passes for 108 yards and a touchdown pass. He also added 55 yards rushing on the day.

Freshman Level

Ryan Danyliw (Class of 2019) – Castle View: Ryan did not report stats.

Andrew Dore (Class of 2019) – Elizabeth: Andrew did not report stats.

Matthew Francis (Class of 2019) – Holy Family: Matthew did not report stats.

Ethan Frasier (Class of 2019) – ThunderRidge: Ethan did not report stats.

Kevin Lukasiewicz (Class of 2019) – Arapahoe: Kevin did not report stats.

Trever Miller (Class of 2019) – Bennett: Trever did not report stats.

Josh Mullenix (Class of 2019) – Castle View: Josh did not report stats.

Ben Murken (Class of 2019) – Valor: Ben did not report stats.

Youth Roundup

Cole Bott (Class of 2020) – Warriors: Cole did not report stats.

Connor Burke (Class of 2020) – Hawks: Connor did not report stats.

Shane Compton (Class of 2020) – South Jeffco: Shane did not report stats.

JR Hart (Class of 2020) – Predators: JR did not report stats.

Gavin Herberg (Class of 2020) – Wardogs: Gavin had a bye week this week.

Brent Huber (Class of 2020) – Warriors Fire: Brent did a nice job finishing 12 of 15 for 245 yards and 4 touchdown passes. He also added 90 rushing yards on the day.

Gordy Mckeehan (Class of 2020) – Cherry Creek: Gordy had a great game on the ground this week. He finished 2 of 5 through the air for 50 yards passing but added 100 rushing yards and 2 touchdown passes.

Reid Moser (Class of 2020) – Mountain Lion Stealth: Reid did not report stats.

Jack Moss (Class of 2020) – Cherry Creek: Jack did not report stats this week.

Will Samudio (Class of 2020) – Bulldogs: Will did not report stats this week.

Chase Silva (Class of 2021) – Crusaders: Chase did not report stats.

Dane Dougherty (Class of 2022) – Dolphins: Dane had a big win this weekend going for 3 total touchdowns on the day. Two passing touchdowns and 1 rushing touchdown.

Garrett Dunne (Class of 2022) – Spartan Graphite: Garrett did not report stats.

Seth Frasier (Class of 2022) – Warriors: Seth had a bye week.

Amanda Licht (Class of 2022) – Pony Express: Amanda finished the day 3 of 6 passing for 50 yards through the air. She also added 1 rushing touchdown and a receiving touchdown on the day.

Nicco Marchiol (Class of 2022) – Creek Red Nation: Nicco did not report stats.

Ian Sandoval (Class of 2022) – Pirates: Ian did not report stats.

Brandon Severns (Class of 2022) – Hawks Royal: Brandon did not report stats.

Brayden Dorman (Class of 2023) – Wardogs: Brayden had a bye week this week.

Michael Lopez (Class of 2023) – Hawks Arctic: Michael continued his amazing season. He finished 4 of 6 on his passes for 75 yards and two touchdowns through the air.

Walker Martin (Class of 2023) – Eaton Reds: Walker did not report stats.

Will Schraeder (Class of 2023) – South Jeffco: Will had a great game last weekend going for 4 touchdowns on the day. He ended the day with 3 rushing touchdowns and a passing touchdown on the day. Nice Job Will!

Trey Stott (Class of 2023) – Dolphins: Trey did not report stats.

Zach Wallace (Class of 2023) – Green Mountain: Zach did not report stats.

Thaddius Gamueda (Class of 2024) – Titans: Thaddius did not report stats.

Sean Lackey (Class of 2024) – Warriors: Sean did not report stats.

Landen Martin (Class of 2024) – : Landen did not report stats.

Zander Owens (Class of 2024) – Spartan: Zander did not report stats.

Braydon Dunne (Class of 2025) – Spartan Vegas: Braydon did not report stats.

Peyton Lindell (Class of 2025) – Spartan: Peyton did not report stats.

Austyn Modrzewski (Class of 2025) – Warriors: Austyn did not report stats.

Aiden Oman (Class of 2025) – Cougar Blue: Aiden had a great game this weekend going 3 of 6 on his passes for 32 yards through the air. He also added 137 yards rushing and 2 rushing touchdowns.

Sterling Dufour (Class of 2026) – Falcons: Sterling did not report stats.

Israel Peterson (Class of 2027) – Warriors: Israel did not report stats.

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