Class of 2017 Preview

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The class of 2017 has a total of 5 field generals in the JenkinsQB program. This class is an interesting blend between pure pocket passers and dual threat quarterbacks.

Braden Cook & Coach JenkinsBraden Cook – Rangeview High School

Braden is a prototypical pocket passer. He is everything you want in a young QB standing at 6′ 3″ and still growing. He is built from his core through his legs which every great passer is. He has electric feet inside the pocket and can move well enough outside the pocket to present a challenge for opposing defensive coordinators. With the athletes he has around him don’t be surprised when come next fall you see Rangeview high school making a run in the state playoffs.

Connor DeschConnor Desch – Arapahoe High School

Connor is a passer who has made extreme progress in the last 8 months. A lot of Connors growth is due to his dedication to working in the weight room. Connor has a tremendous strength program at Arapahoe under head coach Mike Campbell and has been working hard to add strength. With his added strength Connor is now able to take advantage of all the tremendous mechanical gifts he posses. Connor has extremely high football IQ and it continues to grow. Connor can line everyone up and make sure an offense is in the right play before the ball is snapped. He has great accuracy and footwork and as he continues to work hard in the weight room he will add even more back-window velocity to his throws.

Riley GlynnRiley Glynn – Mead High School

Riley is the definition of why I love what I do. When I first saw Riley he was a lanky kid with a side arm release. While most had written him off Riley has tremendous work ethic. Riley has transformed his delivery and so much more through meticulous hard work and hours upon hours of working at his craft. Riley was just recently named the starter at Mead High School and I truly believe will help this team make a deep playoff run. Riley has a very high understanding of football which will help his learning curve this year as he straps up for his first season on the varsity level.

Vic LavigneVic Lavigne – ThunderRidge High School

Vic is a tremendous athlete at the quarterback position. With a heavy running back background growing up Vic’s dual threat ability will be a tremendous asset for the Grizzlies this fall. Vic is making tremendous growth as a pocket passer and is elite from outside the pocket. When on the move Vic generates tremendous back-end velocity on the football. With his functional football intelligence growing Vic will be a real threat this season and a potential break out star this season.

012A9614Conner Martin – Strasburg High School

Conner is the younger brother of Strasburg starter Mitch Martin who was featured on our class of 2016 piece. Conner is a great athlete at the quarterback position also starring on the basketball court. He will play wide receiver this year for Strasburg with his older brother being the starter. Conner has tremendous upside as a quarterback with his rare blend of arm talent and athleticism. Do not be shocked if next year Strasburg is just as good with Conner under center as it was with Mitchell. Also don’t be surprised when Conner begins to get recruiting looks at both football and basketball his senior year.


That wraps up our preview of 2017 JenkinsQB athletes. Be sure to check back for our class of 2018 update as the season approaches.

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