3rd Down Passing Game

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Quarterbacks, offensive coordinators, and head coaches all have one down in common that makes them great or awful, 3rd down. 3rd down is one of the most important things in the flow of a football game. The difference between your defense having more rest time and running back on the field tired. The difference between bleeding more clock and scoring points or stopping and punting it back to the other team. In this post we will walk through three 3rd down passing plays by distance.


Mesh Bullets

3rd and short (2-3 yards)

[Mesh Bullets PDF Download]

  • Formation: Bunch Right (Left) Gun
  • Protection: Ghost Left (Right)
  • Play: Mesh Bullets

This quick passing game from shotgun is designed to take advantage of both man to man and zone coverage. You have the mesh built in to pick opposing players as well as the zone sit-down options for the Y and the X. If the situation dictates you also have a shot play outside with the T and the F on the bullet routes.

Thunder X Select

3rd and medium (2-6 yards)  

[Thunder X Select PDF Download]

  • Formation: Trips Right (Left) Gun
  • Protection: Scat Right (Left)
  • Play: Thunder X Select

This rhythm passing game from the shotgun will help take advantage of zone coverage with man principles built in. The X-Select backside is always a good one on one match up at any level of football and the Thunder concept front side is one of my favorites. This play also has a 3rd down blitz beater in the Y corner and the X on the fade.

Deep Sticky X Dig3rd and long (4-10+ yards)

[Deep Sticky X Dig PDF Download]

  • Formation: Trips Right (Left) Tox Gun
  • Protection: Ghost Right (Left)
  • Play: Deep Sticky X Dig

This intermediate pass game is designed to take advantage of 3rd and long situations. It is meant to get as many disguises out of the box by going empty to give your QB a clear picture. Whether you are dealing with elite level pro athletes or youth players having an empty set can sometimes clear up the picture for the quarterback forcing the defense into either blitz six or drop eight.

That wraps up our 3rd down passing post by distance. Be sure to study not only the passing plays but the protections so that you see where the strengths and weakness are in each play. There are PDF downloadable documents for each of these so you can print them off and easily install with your team. Please be sure to comment below any situations you would like to see or any questions you have. You can also contact the site by clicking the top bar contact button!



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Ryan Hommel Catch Up

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I was able to catch up with my first client Ryan Hommel after being named the starter at Black Hills State. Take a look below at a quick Q & A with Ryan:

Q1: How did you feel being named the starter as a true freshman?

Ryan: I couldn’t stop smiling when I was named the starter. It was one of those rare moments where you can truly feel all the hard work pay off.

Q2: How was your first college camp different from high school?

Ryan: College camp was a lot more mentally exhausting. It’s not only longer days, but it’s at least twice, if not three times longer than high school camp. I spent more time studying than I did practicing. You can never be too prepared coming in as a freshman.

Q3: How is the teams mindset going into the season?

Ryan: The team has a lot of confidence going into the season. We are very young, but where we lack experience we make up in talent. I’ve never had such a sense of family before on a team. Everyone is here to accomplish the same goal. The coaches genuinely care about the players and have lots of faith in us going into this season.

Q4: How do you feel coach Jenkins and the JenkinsQB program helped you prepare for college football?

Ryan: I wouldn’t be where I am today with out Jenkins QB. Being Tim’s first client, I probably know him better than anyone. His focus isn’t about his own image, it’s about doing whatever will help his clients reach their goals. Tim has helped me with every aspect of the quarterback position, without him I would never have made it this far. I’m beyond grateful to be able to work with the best quarterback coach in the state, and soon to be the country.

That wraps up the Q & A with Ryan Hommel. Check back on the JenkinsQB blog to keep up to date with all the happenings with Ryan and Black Hills State this season, as well as news on all of the JenkinsQB Quarterbacks. On a personal note seeing a young man achieve everything he has set his mind to do from when I first began working with him is a surreal feeling. These guys work so hard for not only me but their high school programs it is truly amazing watching them mature and turn into elite level talents like Ryan starting as a true freshman in college. It was an honor to work with Ryan and his amazing family Jeff, Shelly, and Eric. Keep Climbing!

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Class of 2019 Preview

012A9572 copy
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The JenkinsQB class of 2019 is our biggest and quite possibly most promising class of young signal callers. The class features ten quarterbacks five of which are already working with the JV and Varsity levels. Join us in taking an in-depth look at Colorado’s future stars of tomorrow.

Ryan Danyliw at the JenkinsQB Colorado Quarterback Shootout Summer of 2015

Ryan Danyliw – Castle View High School

Ryan Danyliw is one of the most exciting quarterbacks in the class when it comes to his football intelligence. In the classroom during QB school Danyliw is always on his toes. One of the quickest quarterbacks at picking new things up at camp as he continues to grow in the weight room you will see a drastic jump in his on field arm strength. Grip strength and spin have been major focuses this summer and will show as much improved aspects of Ryan’s game on the field.

Andrew Dore and coach Tim Jenkins take a picture at a summer 2015 JenkinsQB workout

Andrew Dore – Elizabeth High School

Andrew is one of our bigger strong armed quarterbacks in this class. At well over six feet tall he has surprisingly quick feet for his size. He is working hard on becoming stronger with his base which will translate to even more arm strength in the years to come. Andrew is a smart hard working athlete who has unlimited upside when it comes to the quarterback position. He will be a rising star in years to come.

Dylan Reifeis (Left) and Matthew Francis (Middle) workout at a snowy JenkinsQB workout in the spring of 2015

Matthew Francis – Holy Family High School

Matthew has made tremendous growth since last November. He has tireless worked on his mechanics and build. Matthew has added over 20 pounds of muscle this off-season and it shows in his arm strength. Matthew’s biggest asset is his relentless work ethic. He will not stop until he has it perfect which is one of the most sought after traits of a college and NFL quarterback. Matthew now has grown into a mechanical beast with clean and electric feet inside the pocket. Look for Matthew and Holy Family to make some noise in the years to come.

Ethan Frasier – ThunderRidge High School

Ethan is one of our best athletes at the quarterback position in this class. Ethan has a heavy running back and wide receiver background which makes him electric with the ball in his hand. Ethan is a gifted natural passer of the football. We have been working hard lately on the mechanical approach of playing quarterback with him due to his baseball background. He is working hard on his drops, shortening of his stride, and holding his finish. Once he gets caught up with his mechanics and football intelligence to the rest of this class he is going to be a superstar.

Joey Licht works out at a snowy JenkinsQB spring 2015 workout

Joey Licht – Kent Denver High School

Joey is one of the smartest quarterbacks in our entire program. In the classroom Joey will boast over a 4.0 GPA and will score extremely high on the ACT and SAT. During QB school Joey digests high volumes of information and can regurgitate that information to you right then as well as days later. His football retention is extremely high on the field as well. Physically Joey is a big quarterback with a strong arm that is gaining strength it feels like each time he throws the ball. Mechanically he is tightening up all the tiny details and his growth projections are off the charts on the field. Joey is already working with the JV at Kent Denver and don’t be surprised if he gets some varsity time sprinkled in throughout the season.

Kevin Lukasiewicz throws at the JenkinsQB Colorado Quarterback Shootout summer 2015

Kevin Lukasiewicz – Arapahoe High School

Kevin is a prototypical pocket passer build with dual threat upside. Standing at 6′ 3″ as a freshman he has an outstanding frame for a young passer. As an overall athlete Kevin excels on the baseball diamond as well. Kevin has an electric arm when everything is tied together how it should be. Kevin has great feet and better running ability than he gets credit for. Functional football intelligence has been an area of focus for Kevin. Already getting some JV time Kevin has extreme upside and will be a name to keep your eye on for the future.

Adam Mullen drops at a snowy JenkinsQB workout in the spring of 2015

Adam Mullen – Rock Canyon High School

Adam is a naturally gifted passer of the football. He has a pure stroke with great naturally spin. His feet are extremely clean and developed for a gun slinger his age. He is growing in his understanding of football which will be a huge asset to him as his career continues. Adam is working with the JV at Rock Canyon High School and will continue to impress this fall. Adam also is a great baseball player which comes out occasionally in his long stride. When he is clicking Adam can compete throwing the football with anyone in the state.

Josh Mullenix – Castle View High School

Josh is another strong young passer. Josh has a good frame that could easily gain 15 more pounds and still be a solid lean build at the quarterback position. His feet are improving each day and his arm motion is becoming cleaner and cleaner as he works at it. Josh has an extremely strong arm when he ties his lower half to his upper half. He has great knowledge of the game and will continue to grow his arm strength through all the hard work he does in the weight room. Josh is another name to keep an eye on for the future.

Alex Padilla throws at a summer 2015 JenkinsQB workout

Alex Padilla – Cherry Creek High School

Alex Padilla has all the physical traits needed of an elite level quarterback. He has tremendous composure, clean mechanics, and a high football IQ. Alex has great size at 6′ 2″ and a good build for a freshman quarterback. He is already working with the JV at Cherry Creek high school and could very easily see varsity time during mop up duty in big wins. Alex is hitting his stride when it comes to his ability to redirect and deliver the ball transitioning his weight from his back hip through his arm. Alex is another quarterback who excels on the baseball diamond. He will be a major college recruit in both sports when the time comes.

Trever Miller – Bennett High School

Trever is another great passer in this class who is already working with the JV and possibly the varsity at Bennett. Trever has worked hard on cleaning and speeding up his feet in his drop. He has a tremendous build from the core down and will be great outside of the pocket this year. He has been working hard on his game inside the pocket and building lasting accuracy. Once his football IQ catches up to his physical ability the sky will be the limit for this under the radar player!


That wraps up our class of 2019 preview. Join us next week as we begin to look at our youth classes starting with the class of 2020 next Monday!

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Mitch Martin Featured on 9 News

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Mitch Martin

Class of 2016 JenkinsQB Mitch Martin was featured on 9 News last weekend. Mitch was working with Coach Jenkins during the piece done by Julia Lopez. The video piece below shows Mitch going through a JenkinsQB workout and discussing his upcoming 2015 football campaign.

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Class of 2018 Preview

Kyle Weston QB
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The class of 2018 is a strong class with four quarterbacks currently in the JenkinsQB program with quite a few committed to join next off-season. Taking a look at our current members in this strong class.

Joe AlberJoe Alber – Highlands Ranch High School

Joe Alber is a very exciting prospect in the class of 2018. Joe has an extremely strong arm with a good build for his age. Weighing nearly 200lbs Joe is the biggest quarterback in the class of 2018. Joe has phenomenal depth in his drops with a distinct understanding of how to utilize his reach steps and re-anchor at the top of his drop. While he operates primarily out of the gun at his high school Joe can work under center as well with the best of them in the state. He will be fun to watch as he continues his growth!

Sterling OstdahlSterling Ostdahl – Ponderosa High School

Sterling is a phenomenal athlete at the quarterback position. He posses tremendous lower body strength and has the ability to plant and fire at any time. Sterling will be a nightmare for defensive coordinators in a read zone scheme with his running ability. Cleaning up his front foot has been the majority of our work this summer and when he has the toe in the right spot he is deadly from anywhere on the field. He will be an exciting run pass threat for the Mustangs come this fall.

Joe Weigang – Heritage High School

Weigang is one of the best pure passers in our program. While he is one of the most under the radar quarterbacks we have had. He is a tremendous athlete and spends time at DB for Heritage High School. Joe can absolutely throw it with anyone in the state of Colorado. If he continues to stay under the radar he is going to be a heck of a steal for anyone who targets this diamond in the rough. With his football IQ growing don’t be surprised if Weigang is a breakout star in years to come.

Kyle WestonKyle Weston – Highlands Ranch High School

Kyle is another sensational athlete at the quarterback spot in our program. He has the ability to create outside the pocket with Manziel like chaos creation. When outside the pocket Kyle is one of the most deadly quarterbacks in the state, with his running ability he gives defensive coordinators nightmares. Kyle is grinding on his ability to play clean from the pocket. Growing at his craft everyday Kyle is an absolute workhouse in his mentality. Kyle has electric feet inside the pocket and phenomenal escape-ability. Kyle can also take it the distance on his own running the football and will be a great asset for any team who takes a chance on him when recruiting time comes.

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Class of 2017 Preview

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The class of 2017 has a total of 5 field generals in the JenkinsQB program. This class is an interesting blend between pure pocket passers and dual threat quarterbacks.

Braden Cook & Coach JenkinsBraden Cook – Rangeview High School

Braden is a prototypical pocket passer. He is everything you want in a young QB standing at 6′ 3″ and still growing. He is built from his core through his legs which every great passer is. He has electric feet inside the pocket and can move well enough outside the pocket to present a challenge for opposing defensive coordinators. With the athletes he has around him don’t be surprised when come next fall you see Rangeview high school making a run in the state playoffs.

Connor DeschConnor Desch – Arapahoe High School

Connor is a passer who has made extreme progress in the last 8 months. A lot of Connors growth is due to his dedication to working in the weight room. Connor has a tremendous strength program at Arapahoe under head coach Mike Campbell and has been working hard to add strength. With his added strength Connor is now able to take advantage of all the tremendous mechanical gifts he posses. Connor has extremely high football IQ and it continues to grow. Connor can line everyone up and make sure an offense is in the right play before the ball is snapped. He has great accuracy and footwork and as he continues to work hard in the weight room he will add even more back-window velocity to his throws.

Riley GlynnRiley Glynn – Mead High School

Riley is the definition of why I love what I do. When I first saw Riley he was a lanky kid with a side arm release. While most had written him off Riley has tremendous work ethic. Riley has transformed his delivery and so much more through meticulous hard work and hours upon hours of working at his craft. Riley was just recently named the starter at Mead High School and I truly believe will help this team make a deep playoff run. Riley has a very high understanding of football which will help his learning curve this year as he straps up for his first season on the varsity level.

Vic LavigneVic Lavigne – ThunderRidge High School

Vic is a tremendous athlete at the quarterback position. With a heavy running back background growing up Vic’s dual threat ability will be a tremendous asset for the Grizzlies this fall. Vic is making tremendous growth as a pocket passer and is elite from outside the pocket. When on the move Vic generates tremendous back-end velocity on the football. With his functional football intelligence growing Vic will be a real threat this season and a potential break out star this season.

012A9614Conner Martin – Strasburg High School

Conner is the younger brother of Strasburg starter Mitch Martin who was featured on our class of 2016 piece. Conner is a great athlete at the quarterback position also starring on the basketball court. He will play wide receiver this year for Strasburg with his older brother being the starter. Conner has tremendous upside as a quarterback with his rare blend of arm talent and athleticism. Do not be shocked if next year Strasburg is just as good with Conner under center as it was with Mitchell. Also don’t be surprised when Conner begins to get recruiting looks at both football and basketball his senior year.


That wraps up our preview of 2017 JenkinsQB athletes. Be sure to check back for our class of 2018 update as the season approaches.

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Class of 2016 Preview

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With week 1 inside of 2 weeks away we are going to preview our quarterbacks class by class over the next week. Starting with this years strong class of 2016 signal callers.

Mitch Martin

Mitch Martin – Strasburg High School

Mitch Martin is a strong armed quarterback from Strasburg High School a class 2A school. He has everything you want in a quarterback projecting to the college level. His size 6′ 3″ 195lbs is good and his arm strength is through the roof. Mitchell is the definition of a worker and has been grinding with us since the day after his playoff loss last year. Footwork wise he has cleaned up his pocket movement as well as his redirect step. He is committed to University of Sioux Falls and will continue to garner more attention as the season continues. He is a definite contender for all state honors and will be one of the last quarterbacks standing come playoff time.

Dylan Reifeis

Dylan Reifeis – Evergreen High School

Dylan Reifeis is another elite Colorado quarterback in the Class of 2016. Already holding an offer from University of Nebraska Kearney, Dylan is another QB who can expect recruiting to heat up after he showcases his new and improved mechanics and pocket awareness. Dylan is a tremendous athlete who deserves more credit than he receives for the plays he can make with his feet. Creation is a key to his game, when outside the pocket Dylan is deadly. Much improved pocket awareness and functional football intelligence will have this gunslinger at the top of his game. He is another contender for all state honors and will once again be standing deep into playoff time with his 3A squad from Evergreen High School.

Max Lush- Rock Canyon High SchoolMax Lush

Max rounds out our talk of 2016 field generals. Where Max lacks in varsity experience (first year under center) he makes up for with intelligence. In the classroom Max is one of the best quarterbacks in our entire program. Max when clicking on all cylinders can play with the best of them in this state. Max has improved his foot quickness and arm strength over the last 8 months working meticulous on his skill set. Max has generated some RMAC college interest and after he leads the Jaguars to success early in the season he will see the recruiting trail begin to heat up. Max posses elite level accuracy and details when it comes to the quarterback position. As he continues to add to his frame more and more arm strength will come and the sky is the limit for Max as a passer. Given the young talent around him at Rock Canyon High School especially the receiving threat of Eric Hommel, the Jaguars may surprise some people this year.


The class of 2016 while not deep in numbers for JenkinsQB has some of our best athletes in the entire program. All 3 in my opinion will have a chance to play football at the college level. Where those opportunities come from is the only uncertainty.


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Blog Introduction

Tim Jenkins watches on as Vic Lavigne takes a rep.
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My name is Tim Jenkins and I am a former NFL QB and current CEO and quarterback coach at Jenkins QB in Highlands Ranch Colorado. This blog is going to have three main categories and grow from there.

Jenkins QB Training

The first category is going to be highlighting our athletes and their performances. From the youth football fields in Colorado all the way up to our College players this blog will serve as our way of publishing stats and stories on all 100 of our quarterbacks and counting.

Coaching Tips

The next category is going to be focused on coaching tips from a team perspective. With a youth football emphasis we will post material that will help coaches structure their practices, to installing simple plays, all the way up to game planning and helping your team win more football games.

QB Training Tips

Another area of focus for this blog will be quarterback training tips. This will be where I can post little inside tips on how to help make the most out of each quarterback drill you are working as well as posting some quarterback drills we use at JenkinsQB. Not only will you learn the drill but also why you should use it and what to look for as a parent or coach.


Tim Jenkins

About the Author: Tim Jenkins runs Jenkins QB training in Highlands Ranch Colorado. He trains 100 quarterbacks and counting, spanning from the south metro area all the way to the surrounding states of Nebraska, Kansas, and other Midwest areas. He played Quarterback for ThunderRidge High School then went to Fort Lewis College in the RMAC. After his college playing days Tim was with the St. Louis Rams of the NFL as well as the Calgary Stampeders of the CFL. He now resides in Lone Tree Colorado with his wife Emily Jenkins.

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